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Welcome to the new One Vegan World site.

I hope you find the new and improved site much more informative and useful than the old one.
As you can see, it is presently a work in progress. There are still thousands of restaurants to add, which I will hopefully be adding daily as time allows.
You are welcome to add vegan restaurant and business listings I have missed. Thanks to the spammers, all listings are moderated and have to be approved before being published. Please only add 100% vegan businesses.
You’ll find a few vegetarian restaurants with large vegan selections in areas that don’t have any vegan restaurants. These will be replaced by vegan restaurants as they become available. I’m looking forward to the day when vegan restaurants are available everywhere. With the increase of people turning to veganism I don’t think that day is too far away. ♥
I have not personally visited every place included in the listings, so I can’t vouch for them. If you find a place isn’t vegan after all, or a listed sanctuary/rescue is not treating their animals humanely, or is breeding and/or selling them, please let me know, so they can be removed. I will be putting up a list of sanctuaries/rescues which have multiple violations and should be avoided, so that recognition and donations can be directed to those who do care for and about their animals.
There are now event listings. Feel free to add vegan or animal related events.
Listings for business or events which include using animals as commodities are not allowed and will be removed; No breeders, animal sales, animal auctions, events where animals are used as prizes, farm animal rescues/sanctuaries which sell eggs or dairy items, etc.
This a cruelty free site.

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