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Here are answers to some questions you may have. If your question isn’t answered, feel free to send it to


I have a skin and hair care business and most of the products are vegan, except for a few which contain some honey and/or milk. Can I list my business here?

No, this directory is for vegan businesses only*, therefore only companies who don’t use any animal products can list their businesses here.


My company makes cleanses, detox kits, homeopathic medicines, etc, and I would like to list it on your site, but I don’t see a health category.

Due to there only being anecdotal evidence of their effectiveness, and the possibility of some of them causing actual harm, it was decided not to include a health category. Should you have the results of clinical trials and peer reviews proving their effectiveness and safety, please send it to We would be happy to review it and reconsider having it listed on the site.


I know of a great vegan restaurant and it isn’t listed on your site. I really think you should include it.

Happy Cow has an extensive list of restaurants already. Some businesses have opted to also include their restaurant here which is always welcome, but we are focusing our listings on other, less visible categories.


*Non vegan business exceptions – A couple of vegetarian businesses which carry a majority of vegan items have been allowed, only where no 100% vegan businesses exist for that category or area. Once a vegan business does open in that area or category, the vegetarian business is removed.

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